Saturday, May 2, 2015

First Week of Potty Training! and then it went downhill :(

So we started our potty training boot camp this week (last week) (I got lazy and didn't finish this post until today)! We decided to do it now because my parents were going out of town and they watch her several mornings a week so I can go to Zumba. :) Since our schedule was going to be off and no one else was going to be taking care of her, we thought it was a good time to try.

I honestly got lazy and really didn't do extensive research. I read some blogs and pins and talked to friends and just decided to go for it. I decided to have Claire in panties instead of completely bare from the waist down. I was hoping that it would be enough for her to notice. Based on some advice from a friend, I also picked up some puppy training pads to have her sit on around the house and for the car seat. :)

Day 1

So Monday morning, after breakfast, I put her on the potty. Sat for awhile and nothing. No big deal. I let Claire pick out what panties she wanted to wear and set a timer for 20 minutes.

(To note, some people set timers for 15 and some for 30, I decided on 20 because it just felt like a good amount of time)

Of course, 10 minutes later I watch her have an accident. We go running to the potty and I explain that she is supposed to pee on the potty. Change and set the timer again.

And for the next 2 hours, the same pattern follows. Sometimes she asks to sit and nothing. Sometimes I sit her and nothing, then 10 minutes later, an accident. Ugh. I didn't think I was going to make it. 4 accidents total in that time. Then finally, YAY!! pee pee on the potty!!!!

From 10:30 to her nap there was no more accidents!! (She only peed twice)

(Also want to note that some people recommend feeding your child salty foods so they are thirsty and drink a lot so they have to pee a lot. I am lazy so I didn't do this. :) I just tried to note when she was drinking and take her to the potty 20-30 minutes after)

I put her in a diaper for her nap. After she woke up and we cuddled, back in the panties. At this point Blake had come home because I was actually going through a miscarriage at this time (I know I was crazy to still try and do all this) and I was in a lot of pain. They were playing and he noticed she was pooping. Oh no!! Ran to the potty and she sat there for awhile as we cleaned up. Went to check and she had finished pooping on the potty!! Yay!!!

At this point we put her in a pull up. I was in too much pain and Blake was trying to take care of both of us. I actually ended up at the ER that night so obviously, potty training was on the back burner.

Day 2

Blake stayed home from work so I could rest and he could take care of Claire. Even with everything else going on, I was determined to keep trying.

Claire had swim lessons that morning so we didn't start until after lunch. We put her on the potty, nothing, put in panties. She had an accident 5 minutes later (of course) BUT this time she looked down and said "pee pee". Blake ran her to the potty and she finished in the potty!!! Yay!!! Progress!!

Same thing happened 20 or so minutes later. Said "pee pee", had a slight accident, and finished in the potty.

Day 2 continued with the same pattern. We would put her on every 20 minutes or so and most of the time she wouldn't go. But she would tell us when she was having an accident.

Day 3

Blake was back at work so it was just Claire and me. Same routine as before. Accident while watching TV and was so into her show she didn't tell me. We went to the library and I tried to put her on the potty when we first got there. I didn't think she would go but I wanted her to have the experience of a potty in public. I had her in a pull up for the library trip because I didn't want to mess with an accident. When we got home, I put her on the potty right away and she went! And she had a dry pull up!! Was she able to hold it? Awesome!

Still really didn't click this day. Still having accidents and acknowledging them but not going when we put her on. Oh well, persevere on...

Day 4

After Claire woke up, she said "pee pee" so I sat her on the potty. She peed and pooped!! This was our breakthrough day. She started saying pee pee and going on the potty! She even started saying pee pee when she was in a pull up at the park! (I told her to just go because there weren't any restrooms)

I stopped taking notes after this day and even though it was just a week ago. I do remember that last Monday (a week after we started) she was essentially accident free! We made a Sams trip in a pull up and she said "pee pee" in the middle of it. I ran with her to the family restroom because I remembered there was a small toilet in there. Of course some guy was in there NOT with a family (grrrrr). Luckily I was able to run in there with Claire. She was NOT happy to be on a different potty where she didn't feel as stable. I gave her some preemptive treats to calm her down and she went!! And her pull up was dry!!!!


She continued to do well Tuesday and Wednesday!!

Then Thursday some of the terrible twos started showing themselves early. She was saying pee pee and refusing to go sit on the potty.  She had several accidents that day. Ugh.

Then Friday my parents were home and watched her for the first time. Of course she had several accidents which I was expecting. Different house, different potty, different people. BUt then she continued at home. All the sudden she was the girl who cried pee pee.

Claire: "Pee pee
Me: "Need to go to the potty?"
Claire: "no"

3 minutes later... an accident

After a couple times of that repeating, I started putting her on even though she fussed. I think she was successful maybe once.

Today (Saturday) she hasn't gone at all on the potty. Our schedule has been off but still, she is being difficult. I'm really hoping this is a phase. I'm telling myself that she has shown that she KNOWS what to do, she is just choosing to be defiant.  

I'll leave you with a cute picture of my girl in one of her still moments.

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