Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bump Pictures!

I'm assuming that most people who read this blog already know that Blake and I are expecting our first child this June! I keep meaning to get on here and post about our journey to get here and my pregnancy so far but I never get around to it. My goal for this post is to post the bump pictures I have taken thus far. I'm not taking one every week but I hope to keep taking them every 2 to 3 weeks. I have to be in the right mood to take it and make sure everything in the background is clean :) You will also notice that I didn't include my face in the first 2 and then in the one from today I look SO tired. :)

15 Weeks (12/16/12)
I can't remember if I am wearing my maternity pants in this picture or not but I started wearing them soon after. LOVE them and they really helped my bump to show instead of just looking like I have gained weight.

At this point I was still sick. I started feeling nauseous around 6 weeks and probably started throwing up a couple weeks after that (sorry TMI I know). The worst part was probably around Thanksgiving (11 weeks) and then again right before Christmas (14 weeks) because I caught a cold. Being pregnant has made me think about my precious relationship with food which I could probably write a whole other post on.

18 Weeks (1/6/13)
Starting to finally feel some relief from sickness. Not completely gone but was feeling good enough to go back to Zumba! (I think that deserves a separate post as well). This was right before I went back to work after the break. I appreciated the break SO much! We were busy but I also had time to rest which was MUCH needed. Started cleaning out the office which will eventually become the nursery.

This is also when I was first able to hear the baby's heartbeat on our home Doppler. It took awhile to find it but there is was! The times I've heard it, it has been around 150 and I'm pretty sure the baby swam away both time (already a stinker).

I got rid of 2 big black trashbags full of stuff. I tend to be a packrat because I think I will SOMEDAY need all this stuff but at this point, I DON'T CARE! Get rid of it all!!!

Our dog Riley kept wanting to cuddle and hang out with me but she hated trying to make her way through the mess. :)

We also got some sweet gifts for the baby for Christmas...

The frame is from Blake's sister Brooke and it is PERFECT because the nursery will be blue and yellow and I love that song. Blake's mom got us the super soft baby blanket. Brooke was also kind enough to give us some of her baby stuff she doesn't need like the bassinet in the picture and her stroller and car seat system!

I teach a Bible study to Freshman girls and they all got together to get us this onesie and blanket :)

We also got a gift from Blake's dad but I just remembered the picture is on Blake's phone. :( If I ever get it downloaded on my computer I will post it.

Week 20 (1/22/13)

I have popped! I am starting to wear all maternity clothes (I need to go get more soon!). I have been feeling pops from the baby for a week or 2 but it is hard to tell if it is baby or all the other stuff going on in my stomach (growing pains, etc.) Last night I was having trouble going to sleep because of all the activity so being the mean wife I am, I woke Blake up and grabbed his hand and told him to see if he could feel the baby. He insisted that he could and went back to sleep. I asked him this morning if he remembered (he was really out of it) and he said he did. Sickness is down to 1 or 2 days a week which I am thankful for but I'm really ready for it to be gone all together! It is starting to get harder to move around and I'm hoping that is just because I'm not used to the extra weight on the front of my body. I know I still have a long way to go!

Our 20 week ultrasound is tomorrow and I'm excited to see the baby and make sure that everything is ok.

Well, I know that there is a ton more I could post but I am patting myself on the back for getting this much on here. It is bedtime and hopefully it won't be months and months before I post again! :)