Sunday, March 20, 2011

Disney World Part 2

So today has been filled with folding laundry, reading for our grow group (our church's version of Sunday School) and reading for grad school. I decided to take a break and blog some more about our trip because if I don't make myself, all our my memories will never be recorded. :)

So after Philharmagic, Blake and I made our way to Pirates of the Caribbean. I loved this ride as a kid and can appreciate the details put into it as an adult, but it was a one time ride this time around.
It is hard to tell but I promise this was in line for Pirates
We still had some more time to kill before our fastpass time for Space Mountain so we went through Swiss Family Treehouse. I enjoy this movie and again, can appreciate the detail but it was something we only needed to do once.
We decided to skip the Tiki Room and Country Bear Jamboree that was in the area because I think we only really need to go through those because our kids make us. :)

We walked back to Haunted Mansion which only had a 20 minute wait. Yet again, a ride I only needed to do once.

After we ate some dinner, it was FINALLY time for Space Mountain. This was my FAVORITE ride going into this trip so needless to day, I was SUPER excited. Blake wanted to document this which resulted with the picture above:) (For some reason, it won't post the picture below this paragraph)

So this is when my camera battery died. Luckily I had my AWESOME iPod touch that Blake let me get early for my birthday. So the rest of the pictures aren't as good but they were what I was able to get.

When we finished with Space Mountain, our fast pass for Thunder Mountain Railroad wasn't ready yet so we had more time to kill. We decided to ride the Carousel of Progress. It is a look at the American family and home from the turn of the century, the 20s, the 40s, and today. It originally was shown at the World Fair sometime in the 60s which accounts for the jump in time. It is really interesting to see how things have changed and of course the teacher in me loves how educational it is and how it makes history real. Then we stood in line for Buzz Lightyear Ranger Spin. In this ride, you have a laser gun and you shoot at targets and try to get the highest score. Needless to say, I HAD to beat Blake! I was very lucky because I somehow I hit a really valuable target at the beginning and there was no way Blake could ever catch up. The video I took of the final score didn't turn out but this is what I do have...
My score at one point

Blake's score

Then it was time for our Thunder Mountain Railroad fastpass and it was another good roller coaster. Splash Mountain is close the TMR. Blake and I were undecided about whether we wanted to go on this ride because you can get wet and by that time (9:30sh) it was getting cold. Since there was NO line, we decided to go ahead and do it.

While we were going through the ride, we had our first beaver sighting!!! (We were able to find beavers in all 4 parks) I did not have time to get out my camera the first time we rode and we decided to ride again. The pictures aren't great but here are the pictures of Brer Beaver!

When we left that ride, we got caught by that night's parade. Blake and I didn't plan on watching the parades and fireworks this trip (we will see them all with our kids and they will most likely be the same since they were the same in 2011 as in 1995). I took several videos instead of posting all of them, I will post my favorite one, Pinocchio getting jiggy with it. :) (excuse the bumpiness, I think I was dancing along)
Then we went into the Christmas store and I was only allowed to get 1 ornament so we got the snowflake one but of course there were several others I thought were cute/wanted.

They are already counting down!

Teacher Mickey!

We will have been married for 2 years this June. We are still Just Married, right? :)

Our ornament!

After I finished dragging Blake through the Christmas store, it was time to head back to our hotel.

I took this on our way out.

 Disney has this "Magical Express" service that picks you up at the airport and drives you to your hotel. They also pick up your luggage for you and deliver it to your room within 3 hours. We get back to the room and Blake's suitcase is there, but mine isn't :( I call and somehow my luggage was still on the way from the airport. I pouted for a bit and then we went to bed. There was a knock on the door at midnight and it was my suitcase! Thank goodness it came before the next day so I would have clothes to wear.

And that is the end of our first day! As much as I would love to keep going, I have pages and pages of grad reading I should get done before work starts again tomorrow.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Disney World Part 1

To be honest, I'm not sure how many posts there will be about this trip. It will depend on how long I feel like writing in one sitting. :)

So in December, Blake and I were thinking about what the next couple of years could look like for us. There is a *possibility* that this could be the last Spring Break without kids or being pregnant. So one night we decided, let's go to Disney World while it is still just the 2 of us. 

So we arrived in sunny Orlando last Saturday, checked out our room at the All Star Music resort and then headed out to Magic Kingdom!

Our hotel wasn't anything fancy but you couldn't beat the price. :) We ended up in the Jazz rooms even though I really wanted the Broadway rooms. Oh well.

When we got to Magic Kingdom, we first got our Fast Passes for Space Mountain. I LOVE fast passes! We tried to plan really carefully with our fast passes and there was only 1 time when we had to wait longer than 30 mintues to get on a ride.

Then we went to our first attraction, Mickey's Philharmagic. It is a 3-D show where Donald goes into different Disney movies.

It was a cute movie and it really made me want to go back and watch all those Disney movies.

So it is lunchtime and as I expected I didn't get a whole lot written. I got one load of laundry through the washer and there is many more to come. But I am celebrating my birthday early with my family tonight! Hopefully I will get more time this afternoon to blog/post more pictures soon.