Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Project!

Since I have two weeks off of work and grad school, that means I have time to continue organizing my house!I have been wanting pull out drawers for our lower kitchen cabinets for awhile but they are pretty expensive. So with Christmas coming up, what better to ask for! 

Before they could be installed, we had to rip out the shelf already in there. The other Sunday, I was sitting on the floor looking at the shelf and trying to figure out how to take it out. I grabbed the cabinet door to help me stand up....and I ripped the cabinet frame off. :( (By the way, that was the 3rd thing I broke that day. I ripped off the toilet paper holder at my friends house, snapped her plastic spatula, and later that night, I through at pillow at (to?) Blake, missed and wiped out everything on his nightstand. Apparently I don't know my own strength.) Luckily for me, my awesome husband was able to fix it for me since the only night we had free to fix it, I was down with a migrane.

Needless to say, our cabinets aren't super sturdy (and I have been VERY careful when standing up) but they did get those shelves in there. After 4 hours of sawing and hammering, I was finally able to get the shelf out! BTW, Blake would have done it but he has been working crazy hours and I was home all day.

After I took the shelf out.
 My parents got us one of the shelves for Christmas and I took it out that night because I wanted to install it before we left for our other Christmases. Of course, it came with no instructions and the wrong top shelf. I found instructions online and was able to put it together. I started to screw it into the cabinet when I discovered that I wasn't as strong as I thought I was and needed a power drill. The next morning, I went and bought one (along with 4 super cool head lamps, Blake is very hard to shop for..).

Once I had the drill charged, I was able to get it installed, no problem! Well, there was one thing. My arms aren't super long so I had trouble reaching the back of the cabinet. Luckily, I was able to stick my leg in the cabinet and then was able to reach the back.:) I decided to use this first set of shelves to organize our Tupperware.

Tupperware before

All in the drawers

Ta da!!! No more searching in the back!
It has been a couple days now and I LOVE it! As soon as we are able, I want to install them in some of our other cabinets. They are expensive but TOTALLY worth it.