Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Slimdown

So this post will need to be short and sweet because I am way overwhelmed with grad work.

I (unfortunately) have gained weight ever since I started teaching. Yes I do walk around the classroom a lot and am on my feet, but I am a stress eater. Kids are frustrating me, grab some Hershey Kisses. Too much to do, too little time, here come the Cheez-its. Not enough time or energy to cook, hello Whataburger. On top of that, I rarely have time or energy to work out in the evening and I am NOT a morning person. I know these are a bunch of excuses but they are my excuses.

I also have migraines (I forget if I have mentioned this on my blog or not). Part of my migraine triggers is that I need to eat enough food and eat every few hours. If I go a long time without eating or don't eat enough, I get a migraine.

Some more background info. I am 5'2'' on a good day. This means I should weigh anywhere from 102-130 (according to some website). In high school, I weighed anywhere from 105-110 (thank you high school metabolism and dancing all the time). In college, I was anywhere from 110-120. Not bad I think. Then I started working :) My heaviest I think has been 135 (I am not sharing this info so people can be like, 135, that's nothing, I weigh such and such. I am doing it so I can document my (hopeful) weight loss. Also remember, I am 5'2''! 135 on me probably doesn't look the same on someone who is taller). The summer I got married, I was able to get down to 118 for my wedding. I am now back in the 130-135 range. The past 2 years have been VERY stressful (and not because of my marriage, because of my work). Last summer I tried working out but I was taking my first grad classes (excuses again, I know).

This summer, I am determined to lose weight! I am still taking 9 hours of grad school (more on that in a later post) but I feel like I have a better handle on then. Plus I'm tired of the excuses and it is now or never. A couple years of go, I downloaded an app called My Fitness Pal. It tracks your calories and then subtracts how much you work out. I have it set for me to lose 1 pound a week. I would like to lose more but I figure I'll start slow. I have been doing it for a whopping 3 days now. :) It has been interesting to track my calories and really think about the food I am putting into my body. My workout has consisted of Just Dance 2. :) I don't know exactly how many calories I burn but there someone who weighs about the same as me put on a calorie counter and burned 190 calories in 30 minutes! This game is a huge plus for me because I am not good a traditional workouts unless I have a trainer kicking my butt. When I am dancing, it is fun and I forget that I am working out. Just Dance 2 really gets your heart beating and is exhausting.

So speaking of, I am off to work out. This week will probably be the easiest because it is my only week this summer where I have nothing to do besides grad work. Hopefully I will start seeing results soon!